4+ Raspberry Pi IoT Projects

These projects are a great way to get yourself deep into the world of the internet of things.

How to Setup a Raspberry Pi Eddystone Beacon

Learn all the steps to set up the Eddystone beacon software on your Raspberry Pi. It’s an excellent way to broadcast data using a Bluetooth adapter. It was originally part of Google’s physical project but has since been dropped. However, it’s still a cool project.

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How to Setup a Raspberry Pi iBeacon

In this tutorial, we go through the steps on how to turn your Raspberry Pi into an iBeacon. It’s a protocol that was developed by Apple and is able to be used in a variety of different scenarios. It’s a super easy tutorial and worth checking out.

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Raspberry Pi Snowboy Hotword Detection

This tutorial takes you through all the steps to set up the Snowboy Hotword detection service on the Raspberry Pi. This is a great way to create some custom hotwords that your Pi will be able to pick up. You can then perform specific actions using Python utilizing your own hotword.

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Build your own Raspberry Pi Google Assistant

This Raspberry Pi Google assistant project will walk you through on how to build and set up your very own Pi-powered Google Assistant. This assistant will actively listen to your voice and respond to your queries, all you need to say is "Ok Google" or "Hey Google"...

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Controlling your Raspberry Pi with Telegram CLI

In this project, we will be building upon our Telegram tutorial by showing you how to utilize Telegram to control your Raspberry Pi. We will be doing this by utilizing the LUA interpreter that is built into the Telegram CLI which opens it up to quite a wide variety of...

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How to Build a Raspberry Pi Twitter Bot

In this project, we will be exploring how to set up a basic low-cost Raspberry Pi Twitter Bot utilizing the Python programming language. In this Twitter bot tutorial, we will be showing you how to write the script while implementing the Twython package, and you will...

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Ultimate Books of Pi

If you love data, automating things, and just seeing cool stuff then you’re going to love IoT.

There are some great software packages such as cayenne to help speed up how fast you can build IoT enabled devices. Some of these are open source while others are closed source. You could create your own if you have the patience, time and skill.

For anyone who is wondering what IoT is then to put it simply, it mainly refers to devices that can collect and communicate data between each other. This data could be from sensors, actuators, electronics and so much more. Of course, there is much more it than that, but that’s the basic idea.

We’re working on bringing you more and more Raspberry Pi IoT projects so be sure to stay tuned. You can sign up to the mailing list or simply follow us on social to stay up to date with all the latest tutorials.

There are plenty more projects to come, and with the IoT software packages advancing every day we will be able to do a lot cooler things a lot easier.

As you may already know there is a ton more you can do with the Raspberry Pi. For example, you can set up a web server, security camera, VPN router and so much more. Check out our main Pi project page if you would like to check out more cool projects.

One thing you may need to learn is a lot of Linux commands, these can be a bit daunting at first but will make a lot more sense after a few weeks of practicing with them.

I hope that you like these Raspberry Pi IoT projects and they have helped you learn how to install, use and build IoT Applications. If you have any feedback, recommendations, or anything else be sure to leave a comment on the relevant tutorial.