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If you’re looking for electronics tutorials, then you have found the right place.

Understanding Ohm’s Law

Understanding Ohm’s Law

Learn all about Ohm's law and the very important formula for working out voltage, current, or resistance of a circuit. If you're looking at getting heavy into electronics, then you will find knowing the formulas and some of the theory behind Ohm's law very handy.
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Resistor Color Code Guide and Calculator

Resistor Color Code Guide and Calculator

In this guide, we take you through the basics of understanding the color bands on resistors. Having basic knowledge of the color code will make life a lot easier when choosing the correct resistor. We also have a resistor color code calculator.
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Ultimate Books of Pi

Why Learn Electronics

Electronics is an excellent field to dive in and get learning. I will quickly go through some of the reasons why you may want to learn.

There is a considerable amount of projects where knowledge of basic electronics will be hugely beneficial. Knowing how to pick the right resistor can make following a project a lot easier.

Learning the basics of electronics will help you be able to diagnose and fix problems with circuity a lot easier. You will notice how beneficial it is if you do a lot of DIY projects.

Though the use of electronics and computing, you will be able to build complex setups such as robots, security systems, sensor networks, and so much more.

Electronics is an excellent hobby if you’re trying to save money. Many of the parts you require can be sourced relatively cheap. With that said, you can easily spend a fortune on some DIY projects.

The maker community is huge, so you will be able to find help whenever you need it. The community makes learning so much easier as you can bounce ideas off other people.

I hope that our electronics tutorials are helpful and that you’re keen for more. We will hopefully be publishing lots more tutorials in the near future.

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