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Raspberry Pi Snowboy Hotword Detection

This tutorial takes you through all the steps to set up the Snowboy Hotword detection service on the Raspberry Pi. This is a great way to create some custom hotwords that your Pi will be able to pick up. You can then perform specific actions using Python utilizing your own hotword.

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Arduino Force Sensing Resistor (FSR)

In this tutorial, I will be taking a look a connecting a force sensing resistor (FSR) to the Arduino Uno. Using an FSR is a great way to detect pressure on a surface. At the end of the tutorial, I have some suggestions on how this can be implemented in a full project.

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How to Setup Fail2ban on the Raspberry Pi

In this tutorial, we take a look at hardening the security on the Raspberry Pi by using a software package called Fail2Ban. It is an essential software package that can help secure your Pi if it is publically accessible via the internet.

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First Ever Brick & Mortar Raspberry Pi Store

The first-ever brick and mortar store for the Raspberry Pi has opened in the UK. Located in Cambridge, this is the location where the Raspberry Pi was founded and is still currently based. The store expands on the attempt to try and branch out into newer audiences.

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