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Raspberry Pi Kernel Updated to 4.19

The Raspberry Pi foundation has released the latest Linux kernel for the Pi. This update bumps the version number from 4.14 to 4.19 and brings with a range of improvements. It is the next significant long term release so you can expect support for the kernel for quite some time.

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Sphero RVR – The Programmable Robot Kickstarter

Learn about Sphero’s latest product, the robot called RVR or Rover. This robot has a ton of cool features that make it a desirable product. It has the ability to interface with the Raspberry Pi so you can further extend its abilities. It’s the perfect robot if you’re a maker.

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Raspberry Pi Snowboy Hotword Detection

This tutorial takes you through all the steps to set up the Snowboy Hotword detection service on the Raspberry Pi. This is a great way to create some custom hotwords that your Pi will be able to pick up. You can then perform specific actions using Python utilizing your own hotword.

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Arduino Force Sensing Resistor (FSR)

In this tutorial, I will be taking a look a connecting a force sensing resistor (FSR) to the Arduino Uno. Using an FSR is a great way to detect pressure on a surface. At the end of the tutorial, I have some suggestions on how this can be implemented in a full project.

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