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Google AIY Kits now Include the Raspberry Pi Zero WH

Google has released an updated version of its Google AIY Project, these upgraded versions of the kits come packed with everything you might need to setup either their Voice or Vision projects. In these new kits, you will now find the newly released Raspberry Pi Zero...

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Raspberry Pi Screen Sharing with TightVnc

In this Raspberry Pi screen sharing tutorial, we are going to show you how to setup VNC so that you can share screens. Sharing screens is incredibly helpful if you require viewing what is being displayed on the main screen. Usually, VNC will create a new session on...

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Setting up Parsec on the Raspberry Pi

In this Raspberry Pi Parsec tutorial we take a look at a software package called Parsec, it is a game streaming software designed to offer a simple setup and low latency connection. Parsec allows you to be able to connect to your gaming pc or a cloud gaming pc from...

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Setting up Xbox Controllers on the Raspberry Pi

If you have ever tried to use an Xbox controller with the Raspberry Pi, you will find very quickly that they do not work correctly right out of the box. In fact to get them working you will be required to install a special driver. With the newer Xbox One controllers...

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