Installing MongoDB to the Raspberry Pi Thumbnail

Installing MongoDB to the Raspberry Pi

In this guide, you will learn how to install and setup MongoDB on your Raspberry Pi. This guide will explore the process of how to install MongoDB on both Raspbian and Ubuntu. Ubuntu will give you access to newer builds of MongoDB.

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Using IFTTT with the Raspberry Pi Thumbnail

Using IFTTT with the Raspberry Pi

This tutorial will walk you through the process of using IFTTT on your Raspberry Pi. IFTTT is a handy free web-service that stands for “If That Then That” and is used to make actions happen when a specific condition occurs.

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Compiling and Running gDrive Thumbnail

Compiling and Running gDrive

Use this guide to learn how to compile and run the popular gDrive software. gDrive is a command-line based tool for interacting with Google Drive. Using this software, you can sync files and directories with ease.

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Raspberry Pi Pinout Thumbnail

Raspberry Pi Pinout

This comprehensive guide walks you through the GPIO pinout of the various Raspberry Pi’s. This guide will provide you with an easy way to see what each of the GPIO pins can be used for with simple diagrams.

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