79+ Awesome Raspberry Pi Projects

Looking for some great Raspberry Pi projects to do? Then you have found the right place.

How to Setup Spotify Connect on the Raspberry Pi

In this tutorial, I go through the steps of setting up a Raspberry Pi Spotify connect device. We make use of the raspotify package to be able to bring this project to life. At the end of the tutorial, you will able to stream your favorite music from any Spotify app to the Raspberry Pi.

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Setup a Raspberry Pi MYSQL Database

In this tutorial, we take you through the steps on how to set up the MYSQL software on your Raspberry Pi. We also show you some of the basics, such as setting up a database and creating users. It’s relatively easy and a great way to learn more about MYSQL.

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How to Setup a Raspberry Pi Samba Server

Learn how to turn your Raspberry Pi into a network attached storage (NAS) by making use of Samba. The name is most likely familiar as it’s widely used for sharing printers and folders. If you’re looking at sharing some folders, then be sure to check out this tutorial.

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How to Setup a Raspberry Pi AFP Server

In this tutorial, we take you through the steps of setting up AFP (Apple Filing Protocol) on the Raspberry Pi. It’s a decent way of setting up some network attached storage. Keep in mind that this will work best when it’s mostly just Mac OS devices connecting.

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How to Setup Raspberry Pi NFS Server

Learn how to set up network attached storage using the NFS protocol. It’s an excellent alternative to Samba and commonly used by network administrators. You will be able to connect to your drive using almost any device that has a network connection.

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How to Setup Raspberry Pi RecalBox

Recalbox is an emulator package that is very similar to RetroPie. It has different configurations and a slightly different user interface. Recalbox has a few more features and comes loaded with emulators for popular game systems such as SNES, N64 and more.

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Ultimate Books of Pi

On this page, you will find plenty of tutorials ranging from simple beginner projects right through to the more advanced projects that require a fair bit more work.

All these projects are a great way to learn more about both the fundamentals of the Raspberry Pi and also how a Linux operating system works. By doing some of these projects, you will even start to learn bash, PHP, Python and lots more programming & scripting languages.

You will learn how to install and use some great tools, entertainment software, and much more. A few examples of what you could do include things such as a retro game emulator, network attached storage, cloud server and so much more.

If you’re looking for more beginner Raspberry Pi projects then be sure to check out the page on it. The projects are pretty easy to complete requiring minimal coding and terminal interaction. The intermediate and advanced tutorials, however, will need a fair bit of programming, Linux commands and also possibly the use of GPIO pins.

If you’re just getting started with the Raspberry Pi, then we have plenty of information to help get you started. The Raspberry Pi getting started page will take you through all the basics that you will need to know about starting out with the Pi.

Also be sure to check out the guides page as this has an ever growing range of tutorials on how to do specific things with the Pi. This guides page includes tutorials on port forwarding, getting started with GPIO pins and so much more.

If you’re looking at pimping your Pi out or just looking at buying a Pi, then be sure to check out the Raspberry Pi accessories page. These accessories are a great way to both increased functionality and make your Pi look awesome.

I also take a look at Pi kits such as the kano kit. This package is excellent if you’re interested in getting kids into coding. It will take them through the steps of putting together the Pi and also how to code in Linux. It also has plenty of interactive games that you can play through.

I hope you enjoy all the Raspberry Pi projects on this page, be sure to check back in the future as I have many more projects on the way.

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