Using a Microphone with a Raspberry Pi Thumbnail

Using a Microphone with a Raspberry Pi

In this guide, we will be walking you through some of the steps to using a microphone with the Raspberry Pi. Despite the Pi’s hardware lacking a dedicated analog input, you still have options, such as utilizing a USB microphone or USB soundcard.

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How to check the Raspbian Version Thumbnail

How to check the Raspbian Version

Learn how to check the version of Raspbian you are running with these few quick and straightforward steps. These steps help you keep track of the version of Raspbian your different Raspberry Pi’s are running.

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Raspberry Pi Pinout Thumbnail

Raspberry Pi Pinout

This comprehensive guide walks you through the GPIO pinout of the various Raspberry Pi’s. This guide will provide you with an easy way to see what each of the GPIO pins can be used for with simple diagrams.

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Download Raspbian Thumbnail

Download Raspbian

With this guide, you can download the latest available versions of the Raspbian operating system. This guide provides downloads for all versions of Raspbian, including Raspbian Buster, Stretch, Jessie, and Wheezy.

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Bluetooth on the Raspberry Pi Thumbnail

Bluetooth on the Raspberry Pi

Get Bluetooth up and running on your Raspberry Pi by following these few simple steps. Bluetooth has increasingly become an integral part of dealing with the growing number of wireless devices.

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How to Overclock the Raspberry Pi Thumbnail

How to Overclock the Raspberry Pi

In this tutorial, we take you through all the steps to setting up an overclock on the Raspberry Pi. You may want to do this because you need the extra performance, or you like to push hardware to its absolute limits.

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If you’re just starting out with the Raspberry Pi, then you should check out all the guides we have on getting started with the Raspberry Pi.  It also has all the information you will need to know to get your Pi up and running.

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