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The Raspberry Pi 4 is now Available

The Raspberry Pi foundation has released a surprise announcement of the immediate release of the Raspberry Pi 4. This new version is one of the most substantial upgrades to the Raspberry Pi hardware lineup, bringing a vast amount of improvements with it. A New CPU The...

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Raspberry Pi Kernel Updated to 4.19

The Raspberry Pi foundation has released the latest Linux kernel for the Pi. This update bumps the version number from 4.14 to 4.19 and brings with a range of improvements. It is the next significant long term release so you can expect support for the kernel for quite some time.

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Sphero RVR – The Programmable Robot Kickstarter

Learn about Sphero’s latest product, the robot called RVR or Rover. This robot has a ton of cool features that make it a desirable product. It has the ability to interface with the Raspberry Pi so you can further extend its abilities. It’s the perfect robot if you’re a maker.

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First Ever Brick & Mortar Raspberry Pi Store

The first-ever brick and mortar store for the Raspberry Pi has opened in the UK. Located in Cambridge, this is the location where the Raspberry Pi was founded and is still currently based. The store expands on the attempt to try and branch out into newer audiences.

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Unlimited GitHub Private Repositories for Free Users

If you don’t like your code being open source and available to everyone, then the latest GitHub news will make you very happy. Individual developers will now be able to have unlimited private repositories. There are also some other changes related to GitHub...

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Raspberry Pi TV HAT Announced & Available now

If you haven't already heard, the Raspberry Pi foundation has just launched a Raspberry Pi TV HAT (Hardware Attached on Top). The TV HAT allows for the connection of an antenna to the Raspberry Pi. This allows for the Raspberry Pi to be able to receive DVB-T2...

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PiMecha – Raspberry Pi Humanoid Robot Kickstarter

London based technology company SB Components LTD has released their latest invention, the PiMecha to Kickstarter. The PiMecha is one of the coolest inventions for the Raspberry Pi that we have seen on Kickstarter with it giving you access to a robot that has 17...

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