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London based technology company SB Components LTD has released their latest invention, the PiMecha to Kickstarter.

The PiMecha is one of the coolest inventions for the Raspberry Pi that we have seen on Kickstarter with it giving you access to a robot that has 17 degrees of control thanks to a bank of smart bus servo motors, with every significant joint having its independent servo allowing quite a bit of control.

These smart servos are all connected back to a particular addon board that sits on top of the Raspberry Pi’s 40-pin GPIO pin, allowing the Raspberry Pi to act as the actual brain of the robot.

Thank’s to the PiMecha relying on the 40-pin GPIO pins it will work with all currently released Raspberry Pi’s and should continue to work on all future Raspberry Pi’s unless there is an unlikely overhaul of the GPIO pins.

The shield that connects to your Raspberry Pi is designed to be highly efficient to allow the PiMecha to be able to execute any command almost instantly. This low latency enables the PiMecha to do lots of intricate movements and react quickly to your commands.

The PiMecha can be easily programmed via SB Components specially designed visual interface or through Python scripts on the Raspberry Pi.

One of the greatest things about the PiMecha is how open SB Components are to developing it into an open platform. They intend on completely open sourcing both the source code and the PCB layout if the campaign is successfully funded.

The open hardware and open software will allow the PiMecha to create a great community that will let any user tinker with the source code and the open hardware openly.

Pledges for the PiMecha start at £299 (Approximately $404 USD) for a non-assembled version of the PiMecha and without a Raspberry Pi. For a fully assembled version of the PiMecha and a Raspberry Pi 3B+, you will be paying £369 (Approximately $499 USD)

The price for this device is quite reasonable based on the look of the device as it seems like SB Components have ensured that the quality of the build is excellent. With the outer shell being made out of metal and ensuring there is more than enough servos to allow fluid movement control.

As of the time of publishing this article, the PiMecha has raised £4,364 of its £25,000 goal.

You can find out more about PiMecha from their currently running Kickstarter.

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