Unlimited GitHub Private Repositories for Free Users

Unlimited GitHub Private Repositories

If you don’t like your code being open source and available to everyone, then the latest GitHub news will make you very happy.

Individual developers will now be able to have unlimited private repositories. There are also some other changes related to GitHub enterprise.

The announcement by CEO Nat Friedman is over on the GitHub website. It is the first significant public change since Microsoft acquired GitHub last year.

GitHub Free

As a GitHub free user, you’re now able to have unlimited private repositories. The catch is that you can only have three collaborators per repository.

If you require more than three collaborators, then you will need to upgrade to GitHub Pro. This will let you have an unlimited number of collaborators and give you access to some advanced code review tools.

This change will allow individuals to keep code private that they never intended on releasing to the public. For example, this could be code for job interviews, work on the side, hobby projects, school assignments, or just code that you don’t want public.

These changes have no effect on organizations, and they will continue on the same pricing structure as before.

Unfortunately for Bitbucket and the many others, this brings GitHub into a much more competitive position in terms of private repositories.

GitHub Enterprise

Another change at GitHub is the unification of Enterprise Cloud (Formerly known as GitHub Business Cloud) and Enterprise Server (Formerly known as GitHub Enterprise). These services have now been merged into a single GitHub enterprise product with much clearer pricing.

You can find out more on all the pricing structure over at the GitHub website.

If GitHub doesn’t take your fancy, then there are plenty of alternatives out there. You can self-host your own Git on the Raspberry Pi by using a software package such as Gitea, the ever-growing GitLab,  or even back to basics with Git using the command line.

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