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Google AIY Kits now Include the Raspberry Pi Zero WH

Google has released an updated version of its Google AIY Project, these upgraded versions of the kits come packed with everything you might need to setup either their Voice or Vision projects. In these new kits, you will now find the newly released Raspberry Pi Zero...

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SUSE Linux Enterprise Server For Raspberry Pi

SUSE has gone and released SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 SP3 (SLES) for the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B. What's good about this version is that it comes with full commercial support for enterprise customers. For those who don't know SLES is an open-source operating...

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Raspberry Pi Nixie Tube Shield HAT

The Raspberry Pi Nixie Tube Shield HAT is a brand new HAT from DIY electronics designer Marcin Saj. This HAT brings the Raspberry Pi the functionality to utilize Nixie tubes. For those who don't know what a nixie tube is, it is a glass tube that contains a wire mesh...

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Raspberry Boom – Detect tornadoes, meteors and more

Raspberry Boom is a brand new Raspberry Pi powered sensor from the creators of the Raspberry Shake. For those who don't know what the Raspberry Shake is, it is a seismometer that connects to the Raspberry Pi and can detect things such as tectonic vibrations meaning...

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Raspberry Pi 3 B+: All you need to know

Raspberry Pi 3 B+ is the latest offering from the Raspberry Pi foundation. It offers a range of improvements over its predecessor. Like all of the Raspberry Pi B+ versions, this one offers slight tweaks rather than the big jump you see between the original Raspberry...

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The Raspberry Pi 3: On-board WiFi is Finally Here!

Today the Raspberry Pi 3 was released and brings some pretty cool new features to the board that that may interest you. The first best thing is the price will remain the same sitting at $35 USD this will, of course, vary depending on where you buy it from and if you...

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The Most Powerful Pi Yet! The Raspberry Pi 2

If you’re looking at getting a Raspberry Pi or already have one, then some pretty exciting news was announced today. The Raspberry Pi 2, the first Pi to have 1GB of ram, a quad core 900MHz CPU making it the most powerful Pi to date. One of the coolest things is that...

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