The SunFounder Ultimate Sensor Kit with Arduino

This article will explore the Ultimate Sensor Kit with Arduino Uno R4 Minima from SunFounder.

SunFounder Ultimate Sensor Kit with Arduino UNO R4 Minima

The Arduino is a versatile microcontroller that excels at dealing with sensors thanks to its analog and digital inputs.

While this device can be a little overwhelming to begin with, there are plenty of kits that help you get started.

One of these kits is the Ultimate Sensor Kit with Arduino UNO R4 Minima from SunFounder. This particular kit comes with an Arduino and a wealth of different components you can put to use.

An advantage of starting with a kit like this is that it has an Arduino and a wealth of sensors to learn how to use the device. It is also a great kit if you are just starting with electronics and want a good starting point.

SunFounder sent us the “Ultimate Sensor Kit with Arduino Uno R4 Minima” for free. However, they didn’t set any expectations on what we would write about this kit. The thoughts below are our own.

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Checking out the SunFounder Ultimate Sensor Kit with Arduino Uno R4 Minima

Over the following sections, we will explore the Sunfounder Ultimate Sensor Kit with Arduino Uno R4 Minima. We will start this by unboxing the kit and then exploring the various components provided with this board.

Throughout these steps, we will also provide our thoughts on the kit.

Unboxing the Kit

Having had this kit shipped internationally to us, it seems to us that the box should hold up well with most postal companies. From our experience, some companies use super flimsy cardboard that can get quite beaten up during shipping.

Having had this kit shipped internationally to us, it definitely feels like it should hold up well with most postal companies. Some companies like to use super flimsy cardboard that can get quite beaten-up during shipping.

SunFounder Ultimate Sensor Kit Box

After opening the cardboard box, you are greeted with the Arduino sensor kit. All the parts of the kit are kept in a practical plastic box.

SunFounder Ultimate Sensor Kit Storage Box

This plastic box gives you a place to store all the sensors that come with the kit while also providing protection during shipping.

List of componenets

The first thing you will find in this kit is the list of 40 components in this box. This gives you a good overview of what you will soon discover, alongside a link to a list of tutorials on using these components.

We plan on covering all of the individual sensors in future tutorials.

SunFounder Sensor Modules Taken out of the box

Taking all of the components out of the “SunFounder Ultimate Sensor kit” box, you will quickly see how much they have packed into the plastic box.

The Arduino Uno R4 Minima

The first thing you will want to check out in this kit is the Arduino Uno R4 Minima. This is the main component you will use to interact with all the bundled sensors.

SunFounder choosing to bundle the Arduino Uno R4 Minima with their sensor kit means you don’t have to go out and buy any additional parts to get started.

Arduino Uno R4 Minima Box

Looking at the Arduino, there is nothing that seems out of place. The board looks well manufactured, all components are placed properly, and the text is clear.

Arduino Uno R4 Minima Front

Nothing here makes it look like SunFounder is putting a counterfeit product in the sensor kit, and if it happens to be one, it seems just as well-made as the official Arduino.

Arduino Uno R4 Minima Back

Exploring the SunFounder Arduino Ultimate Sensor Kit

Now that we have gone over the Arduino bundled with SunFounders Arduino Ultimate Sensor Kit, let us explore the various components.

In total, this sensor kit comes with 40 individual pieces. A few of these aren’t sensors, but let us review them anyway. This count also includes the Arduino UNO R4 Minima itself.

Each sensor in this kit has been placed onto a circuit board. This is done to make it easier to connect to the Arduino using the provided jumper wires.

  1. Infrared Speed Sensor Module (ML393)
  2. 5V Relay Module
  3. LED Traffic Light Module
  4. RGB LED Module
  5. OLED Screen
  6. Time of Flight Micro-LIDAR Distance Sensor Module (VL53L0X)
  7. Real Time Clock Module (DS3102)
  8. Pulse Oximeter and Heart Rate Sensor Module (MAX30102)
  9. Temperature, Humidity and Pressure Sensor Module (BMP280)
  10. Raindrops Detection Module
  11. Potentiometer Module
  12. Photoresistor Module
  13. Temperature and Humidity Sensor Module (DHT11)
  14. Vibration Sensor Module (SW-420)
  15. PIR Motion Sensor Module (HC-SR501)
  16. Button Module
  17. Flame Module
  18. Touch Module
  19. ESP8266 Module
  20. ESP8266 Adapter Module
  21. Ultrasonic Module (HC-SR04)
  22. Accelerometer and Gyroscope Module (MPU6050)
  23. IR Obstacle Avoidance Module
  24. Bluetooth Module (JDY-31)
  25. Soil Moisture Sensor
  26. Gas/Smoke Sensor Module (MQ2)
  27. TT Motor / Encoder Disk
  28. Arduino Uno R4 Minima
  29. I2C LCD 1602
  30. Joystick Module
  31. H-bridge Motor Driver Module (L9110)
  32. Passive Buzzer Module
  33. USB Cable (For Connecting to the Arduino UNO R4 Minima)
  34. Breadboard
  35. 9V Battery Cable
  36. 9V Battery
  37. Servo Motor (SG90)
  38. Jumper Wires Male/Female (50 pcs)
  39. Centrifugal Pump
  40. Tube (For the Pump)

Components to Check Out First When Getting Started

While we won’t be covering setting up any of the sensors from this kit in this guide, we will point you to a few that you should get started with.

Arduino Uno R4 Minima Connected to SunFounder Sensor

If you are new to using a device like the Arduino Uno R4 Minima or just new to circuitry, then you will want to start with something simple.

The most straightforward component is the LED traffic light module. This is a simple circuit board with a Red, Green, and Blue LED placed on it. This component will help you learn how to use the Arduino to control connected parts.

After exploring that, we recommend users explore sensors such as the raindrop sensor, soil moisture sensor, or one of the temperature sensors. These are all relatively simple in practice but will help you get acquainted with using all of the components provided in this kit.


In conclusion, SunFounder has made a handy kit for getting started with the Arduino. It comes with numerous sensors that can all be very useful while also providing the Arduino you need to control everything.

Exploring the SunFounder Ultimate Sensor Kit with Arduino UNO R4 Minima, we couldn’t find anything wrong with it. All the parts seemed high quality, everything we tested worked correctly, and even the Arduino Uno R4 looked genuine.

If you are just starting with a device like the Arduino or want to learn electronics and driving sensors using a microcontroller, we recommend this kit as a good starting point.

Having everything you need provided in one package is a big plus. You don’t have to worry about scrambling around trying to find the right parts.

The price point of the kit seems to be pretty reasonable as well. While you could buy all the sensors cheaper, you would struggle, and most wouldn’t be in a state where they are easily usable. With the SunFounder Ultimate Sensor Kit, the components have all been set up, so they are straightforward to breadboard with.

A breadboard makes playing around with sensors like this a straightforward process.

We plan on expanding our Arduino sensor guides down the track to show you how to use some of these sensors. However, in the meantime, SunFounder even provides their own tutorials for how to use each component.

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