Raspberry Pi Epiphany Browser (Gnome Web) Thumbnail

Raspberry Pi Epiphany Browser (Gnome Web)

In this Raspberry Pi Epiphany browser tutorial, I go through everything you need to know about this simple web browser. Epiphany is also known as Gnome web due to its integration with the Gnome desktop. Either name is fine for when talking about the browser. If you love playing around with different browsers, then you […]

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Raspberry Pi Midori Browser Thumbnail

Raspberry Pi Midori Browser

In this Raspberry Pi Midori tutorial, I go through all the steps to installing the Midori browser to the Raspbian operating system. Midori is yet another lightweight browser for the Raspberry Pi. Much like Luakit, for what this browser lacks in extensions and features, it makes up for in performance. There are probably a lot […]

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Raspberry Pi Firefox Thumbnail

Raspberry Pi Firefox

In this Raspberry Pi Firefox tutorial, we go through all the steps to getting the Firefox browser installed on the Pi. This tutorial is perfect if you’re a fan of the browser and absolutely need it on the Pi. We make use of the default operating system for the Raspberry Pi, Raspbian. If you haven’t […]

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How to Setup the Vivaldi Browser on the Raspberry Pi Thumbnail

How to Setup the Vivaldi Browser on the Raspberry Pi

In this Raspberry Pi Vivaldi tutorial, we look at all the steps on how to install the Vivaldi browser and why you might want to. If you have never heard of this browser that’s because it’s only a couple years old (at the time of writing). The company who develops the Vivaldi browser was founded […]

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Why these Browsers 

We go through the steps of installing some of the most popular web browsers for the main operating system of the Raspberry Pi, Raspbian.

Even with chromium pre-installed, there are many reasons why you may want to install a different browser. For example, you might prefer something a little more customizable like Vivaldi or something secure like Firefox. There are quite a few choices to pick from.

Each browser has its own pros and cons so be sure to read up on them. You may also find some cool features some of the less popular browsers have.

You can find all our latest Raspberry Pi browser tutorials above. If you like our tutorials, then be sure to follow us on social or sign up to our mailing list.

There is so much to discover about the Raspberry Pi, and these web browsers are only the tip of the iceberg. If you want to learn more, then be sure to check out some of our cool projects for the Raspberry Pi.

Pi accessories are perfect if you need to either extend your Raspberry Pi or make it look good, you can even do both. Just be careful as there are a lot of shoddy products on the market that might hurt your Raspberry Pi.

The news section of the website is a great way to stay up to date on all things Raspberry Pi.  The news is perfect if you’re waiting for your favorite browser to be ported to the Raspbian operating system.

As I mentioned towards the top of this page, be sure to follow us on social or sign up to our mailing list. Both are great ways of keeping up to date with all the latest and greatest.

I hope that these guides have helped you pick a Raspberry Pi browser that you will enjoy using. We have many more projects and tutorials on the way so be sure to stay up to date.