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Now there are plenty more excellent cases on the market, but these are in my opinion are the five coolest Raspberry Pi cases. Each of these cases has their pros and their cons which I’ll go through briefly below.

I will highlight functionality issues that you might come across with any of these cases and anything else that you should know. Some extra features make some better for specific Raspberry Pi projects than others.

Of course, these are just cases, and there isn’t a huge amount to talk about but these are my favorite five so far, and some have functionality issues but look wicked cool.

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Check out the video I have prepared below where you can see each case individually as I talk about at them. As always if you like what you see, then please subscribe!

The Wooden Borg Case

Borg Raspberry Pi Case

When I first opened up the Borg Plus by C4 labs, it has an amazing fresh wood smell to it and even after quite some time it still retains that fantastic smell to it.

This Raspberry Pi case is easy to quickly put together just simply place wooden piece underneath the pi (It will slot in perfectly once you find the right place) and slide it into the case. Then place the other end on and insert two screws on the bottom of the case.

This case has no gap for the ribbon cables for the screen and cameras. They instead would need to go through the side GPIO slot that can make it quite difficult if you have a lot of hardware attachments.

What this case lacks in hardware access gains in looks, it simply looks amazing, and the finish on the wood is nice and would make a great addition to a media center setup.

This case is on the higher end regarding pricing sitting around twenty to thirty dollars but is well worth the extra money if you can afford it.

Zebra Case AKA Black Ice

Black Ice Raspberry Pi Case

The Zebra or Black Ice Raspberry Pi case is probably my favorite case as it is nice and compact and retains full access to all the hardware slots.

This case can be wall mounted but make sure you place it on plastic hooks as metal nails, screws, etc. can come into contact with the board and short it.

You will that this is a high-quality case that looks great and retains access to all the hardware slots on the Raspberry Pi. This case is probably my favorite out of all the ones here just simply because it is a great all-round case.

There isn’t much to fault with this case, but the bolts that are sitting on top of the case might not be appealing to some. However, I don’t mind the look and think it is a great case.

This case like the Borg case is a bit more pricey sitting at around ~15-25 dollars. It is well worth the money if you want a great looking case but retains access to all the internal hardware slots.

Pibow Timber Case

Pibow Timber Raspberry Pi Case

The Pibow Timber case is again yet another cool looking case (I might love the timber look of cases). It came in very professional packing and was easy to assemble thanks to the instructions provided and easy identification of each of the pieces. Once assembled it is a very solid case, just make sure you’re careful when putting it together as the wood parts can be a bit delicate.

This case has only been designed to allow you to bring the smaller ribbon cables out such as the Raspberry Pi camera. This large missing slot means if you want to use the GPIO pins then you will need to modify the case to allow the wiring to come from the pins.

This case is a bit in the higher range of pricing averaging around twenty dollars but well worth the extra money if you want an awesome looking case.

Jet Black By jbTek

jbtek Jet Black Raspberry Pi Case

The Jet Black Raspberry Pi case by jbTek is a nice sleek black modern looking case. I actually quite like this one as it is straightforward to put together. All you need to do is place the Pi in the case and put the top on then do the four screws up, and you’re all good to go. It is probably the easiest case I have ever put together.

The downside to this case is there is no access at all to any of the internal hardware slots. No access slots mean either you don’t use any of the extra bits such as the Pi camera, or you modify the case yourself, so you slot them in. The back vent is removable, so if you wanted to, you could bring ribbon cables, GPIO cables out that way.

This make will make a great little case for a Raspberry Pi web server, media center and any other projects that don’t require access to the hardware slots. This case is also very affordable averaging about ten dollars for the case.

Eleduino Raspberry Pi Case

Eleduino Pi Case

The Eleduino Raspberry Pi case is the most compact case out of the 5 I have shown you here.

This case is fantastic for hardware development as you have easy access to the GPIO pins. There are ribbon cable slots, but every time you need to remove or add one you will need to remove the top couple of layers.

I found that this case didn’t fit the B+ which was really disappointing. It managed to get it to fit for my Raspberry Pi 2. There is a small part on the B+ that is in a different place on the board that will stop a piece sitting flat.

This case also came with two heatsinks that you can place on your Pi to help with heat management.

I did notice due to the compact design of the case it is easy to touch the GPIO pins accidentally. If you end up doing this, it will short the board, and possibly do irreversible damage. If you do end up with this case, then you will need to use extra care when handling it.

Another issue I found with this case is that the microSD card slot is incredibly hard to get access to. It is too small to get your finger in so you will need to use a screwdriver or something instead.

The Eleduino Raspberry Pi case will set you back about ten to twenty dollars depending on where you can buy it.

I hope you have enjoyed this article on some of the coolest Raspberry Pi cases! If you have any of your own thoughts that you would like to let us know then be sure to drop us a comment below.

Affiliate link disclaimer: All the products I mention on this website I have personally purchased and used at least once. Some of the links on this website are affiliate links that earn me a small commission whenever a sale is made.

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