9 Cool Raspberry Pi Projects

These cool Raspberry Pi projects are perfect for those who genuinely want to explore what their Pi is capable of doing.

This list highlights some of the projects that we think are cool. We take a look at projects from a whole bunch of different categories such as media, gaming, IoT (Internet of Things), and so much more.

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Cool Raspberry Pi Projects

The List

Raspberry Pi Telegram

Control your Raspberry Pi Remotely with Telegram

This project is great if you’re interested in learning how to control your Raspberry Pi remotely with the use of a chat program.

In the tutorial, we walk you through the steps of setting up Telegram so that you can make your Raspberry Pi do various things just by sending it a message.

Telegram Bot Project
Raspberry Pi Amazon Echo

DIY Raspberry Pi Powered Amazon Echo

Ever wanted to build your own Amazon Echo, then this cool Raspberry Pi project is for you. We build the Echo by making use of the free Amazon Alexa voice service and a few freely available pieces of software.

Best of all you don’t even need to live in a country Amazon operates to make use of it. Meaning you can make use of the brain of the Echo without having to import an Amazon Echo.

DIY Amazon Echo Project
Raspberry Pi Emulators

Setup your Raspberry Pi as a Mini Console

Learn about the emulators that you can set up on your Raspberry Pi. There are quite a few and a lot of them will allow you to play a variety of console games on the Raspberry Pi.

You can run a huge amount of different consoles on your Raspberry Pi, ranging from the Nintendo GameBoy Color, to the SNES and even more obscure consoles to be emulated such as the Atari 2600.

Raspberry Pi Emulators
Raspberry Pi Webcam Server

Build your own Webcam Server

One of our most popular tutorials is the webcam server. This cool Raspberry Pi project allows you to setup a web interface in which you can keep an eye on what your webcam can see.

This project is a fantastic solution for checking up on something from anywhere around the world, even using it so you can spy on your animals while you are away

Raspberry Pi Webcam Server Project
Raspberry Pi Plex Server

All your Media in one place with Plex

Setting up the Plex Media Server is one of the easiest and coolest projects that any media lover can do. A Plex Media Server acts as a media aggregate allowing anyone running the Plex client to be able to connect to your server and retrieve any media that you have made available on it.

This project is perfect for those who like to be able to share their media around the household and not require numerous copies of the same data.

Raspberry Pi Plex Media Server
Raspberry Pi VPN Access Point

Stay Private with a VPN Router

If you are worried about your privacy when browsing around on the internet, one of the best ways to keep yourself anonymous is to utilize a VPN.

The Raspberry Pi VPN router is a cool project that creates an easy access point for you to connect to your VPN Provider. All you need to do is connect to the wireless access point, and you will be anonymized by your VPN automatically.

Raspberry Pi VPN Router
Raspberry Pi Git Server

Setup a Self-Hosted Private Code Repository

If you do any programming in your spare time, then you will know how useful any version control can be when developing. One of the best tools for version control is GIT.

In this project, we will show how to set up your very own GIT server on your Raspberry Pi. The Raspberry Pi is great for this as it can run 24/7 without costing you a huge amount. Being on 24/7 will allow you to have access to your repositories all the time.

Raspberry Pi GIT Server
Raspberry Pi Flight Tracker

Track Flights in your Local Area

This cool Raspberry Pi Project is one of the most fascinating, especially if you’re interested in aviation. Using just a DVB-T USB TV Tuner and an antenna, we can utilize our Raspberry Pi to track and receive the positions of aircraft in your area.

The software will track positions of the aircraft and then report back to a website such as FlightAware. By doing so, they will, in return, provide you with a premium subscription at no cost.

Raspberry Pi ADS-B Receiver
Raspberry Pi Print Server

Turn almost any Printer Wireless

Most of us have a perfectly good printer lying around that becomes painful to use because of its lack of wireless capability. With this great project, we show you how to utilize the Raspberry Pi act as a printer server so you can wirelessly connect to it.

With just a USB connection to your printer and a wireless connection on your Raspberry Pi, we can allow any device in your household to connect and talk with your printer.

Raspberry Pi Wireless Print Server