How to Install and Run Discord on Ubuntu

Within this tutorial we will be showing you how to install Discord on the Ubuntu operating system.

Installing Discord on Ubuntu

Discord is among the most popular VoIP and instant messaging services, especially in gaming communities.

While it is possible to use Discord within a web browser such as Firefox and Chrome, it often isn’t as good as a native experience.

Luckily, the Discord team does provide a Linux desktop client that can be installed on operating systems such as Ubuntu.

Over the following few sections, we will show you various ways you can install this VoIP client to your device and how to run it.

Installing Discord on Ubuntu

The following sections will show you a few different ways to install Discord onto the Ubuntu operating system.

The first two methods will show you how you can use the terminal to install Discord, but we also have a third way that uses the desktop interface.

Installing Discord on Ubuntu Using snap

One of the easiest ways to install Discord to the Ubuntu operating system is to utilize snap.

A snap is a particular way of packaging up software like Discord. It contains everything the software needs to run and is kept within its own container.

Over the next few steps, you will see how easy installing Discord using snap is. Before following these steps, open up the terminal on your device. You can open the terminal by pressing CTRL + ALT + T.

1. Installing Discord to the Ubuntu operating system is incredibly simple when using snap.

All you need to do to install the software is to use the following command within the terminal.

sudo snap install discord

2. Once Discord has been installed you will see the following message within the terminal.

You can now safely open Discord and start putting it to use.

discord 0.0.25 from Snapcrafters installed

3. If you ever decide to uninstall Discord, you can use the command below.

This command is super straightforward and will remove the software from your system.

sudo snap remove discord

Using the Official Debian Package

If you would prefer not to use snap on Ubuntu it is possible to install it using the official Debian package.

Using the official Debian package of Discord involves a couple more steps but is still a straightforward way of installing the software.

Before beginning, you must have the terminal open on your device. You can open the terminal on Ubuntu by pressing CTRL + ALT + T on your keyboard.

1. Before proceeding, we need to ensure that we have all the required software and that our package list is up to date.

Start by updating the package list using the following terminal command.

sudo apt update

2. Once the update completes, you can ensure the “wget” package is installed on Ubuntu.

We will use “wget” to download the official Discord package to our Ubuntu system.

sudo apt install wget

3. Now that we know wget is installed on the system, we can put it to use.

Use the following command to download the latest version of the Discord package to your system.

wget -O discord.deb ""

4. We can now finally install Discord to our Ubuntu system using the package that we just downloaded.

You can use the command below to install the VoIP client from the Debian package.

sudo apt install ./discord.deb

When prompted, type in “y” and then ENTER to continue with the installation.

Using the Ubuntu Software Center to Install Discord

If you prefer not to utilize the terminal to install Discord to your system, you can also use the Ubuntu Software Center.

This section will walk you through using this application to install Discord easily.

1. To open the Ubuntu Software center, you will want to start by opening the activities screen.

You can open the activities screen by clicking at the top or bottom left of the screen.

Open activities screen

2. With the activities screen open, use the search box (1.) to look for “Ubuntu software“.

Once you see “Ubuntu software” appear below the search box (2.), click the icon to open the software.

Open Ubuntu Software Center

3. With the Ubuntu Software center now open on your device, you will want to start by clicking the search icon (1.) in the top-left of the application.

Clicking this icon will bring up the search bar (2.). Use that search bar to look for “Discord“.

Finally, you should eventually see a bunch of applications listed. Find “Discord” within this list (3.) and click it to open that entry.

Search for Discord on Ubuntu

4. Now that you are on the Discord application page, you can safely click the “Install” button to begin installation.

Install Discord to Ubuntu

5. Before Discord is installed on your Ubuntu operating system, you must authenticate yourself.

Type in the password for your user (1.), then click the “Authenticate” button (2.) to proceed.

Authentication Required to install

Running Discord on Ubuntu

Now that you have Discord installed on Ubuntu, you will want to be able to run the software. Running the software is as straightforward as installing it.

Over the following section, we will show you how to find the Discord application and open it.

1. To find Discord on your system, you will want to open the activities screen.

The activities screen can be opened by clicking the top or bottom left side of the screen.

Open activities screen

2. Now that the activities screen is open, you can use the search box to look for the “Discord” application (1.).

Once you see that “Discord” application, click the software to open it (2.). If you right-click the icon, it is also possible to pin this icon to either the sidebar or desktop.

Search for and open Discord on Ubuntu

3. You should now have Discord open on your device. Login to your account and put the application to use.

Discord running on Ubuntu


Hopefully, by this point in the guide, you will have learned how to install and run Discord on your Ubuntu system.

Discord, as mentioned earlier, is one of the most used VoIP clients around, especially within gaming communities.

Please comment below if you have any questions about installing and running Discord.

We also have numerous other Ubuntu guides to learn more about this operating system. If you want to learn more about Linux in general, we also have numerous Linux tutorials.

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