Using Bluetooth on the Steam Deck

In this quick guide, we will explore how to use Bluetooth on your Steam Deck.

Steam Deck Bluetooth

Bluetooth is a short-range wireless technology implemented into many devices, including the Steam Deck.

This technology has become increasingly popular, especially regarding wireless headphones and gaming controllers. It is a handy functionality for the Deck as it consumes very little power to enable this option.

Luckily, pairing most Bluetooth devices to your Deck is a relatively straightforward process and can be done without leaving gaming mode.

In the following sections, we will show you how to enable Bluetooth on your device and use it to pair to another device.

While these steps will focus on connecting a pair of Bluetooth headphones to the Steam Deck, these same steps will work for most, if not all, devices.

Before continuing, you should check with the device you plan on using to work out how to put it into pairing mode. Typically, most devices have a dedicated button that you can utilize to put it into pairing mode.

Bluetooth can only find other devices when searching, and the device is awaiting a pairing request. Without this special handshake, the devices can’t connect.

Turning on Bluetooth on the Steam Deck

Before pairing any Bluetooth device, including headphones, you must enable Bluetooth on your Steam Deck. By default, this wireless functionality is disabled on your device.

The following steps will show you where to find the Bluetooth option within the settings menu and how to enable it. Before starting, you must ensure that you are in gaming mode, not desktop mode.

1. On your Steam Deck, you must bring up the STEAM Menu.

You can open this menu by pressing the STEAM button on your device or tapping “STEAM MENU” in the bottom-left corner of the screen.

Open the Steam Menu

2. With the STEAM Menu open, select the “Settings” option to proceed.

This is where you will find most settings you can use to control your device.

Change to the settings menu

3. Next, you will want to look for the “Bluetooth” option in the left-hand sidebar.

Getting to this menu will allow us to control the Bluetooth settings on your Steam Deck.

Swap to the Steam Deck Bluetooth menu

4. Finally, you can enable Bluetooth on your Steam Deck by tapping the toggle next to the “Bluetooth” setting.

When you enable Bluetooth, the Deck will immediately search for available devices.

Enable Bluetooth on the Steam Deck

Pairing your Bluetooth Device with the Steam Deck

We will pair our Bluetooth headphones to our Steam Deck for this example. Once Bluetooth is enabled, this process is relatively simple, as your device will scan for other devices it can pair with automatically.

Pairing a device is as straightforward as tapping it within the “Available to pair” list as you will see shortly.

1. Before starting this process, ensure that you are on the “Bluetooth” settings screen and that the option is enabled. This screen is the only place to pair devices while in gaming mode.

2. Once on the Bluetooth screen, available Bluetooth devices appear under the “AVAILABLE TO PAIR” header (2.).

Your Steam Deck will continue to scan for Bluetooth devices and populate this list. Below, you can see that we have put our Beats Fit Pro into pairing mode, and our Steam Deck has detected it (3.).

You only need to tap your Bluetooth headphones or alternative device to pair it with your Steam Deck.

If your Bluetooth device doesn’t appear in this list, try toggling the “Show all devices” option (1.). By default, the Deck will hide some devices from the available to pair list.

Pair Bluetooth Headphones to the Steam Deck

3. With a Bluetooth device paired, it will appear under the “Paired” header and should now automatically connect the next time it powers on.

List of paired bluetooth devices

Troubleshooting Issues with a Paired Bluetooth

If you are having issues with a Bluetooth device you already paired with your Steam Deck, then the simplest solution is to unpair it and try repairing it again. Typically, resetting the pairing will resolve issues with most devices.

Continued issues may indicate compatibility problems with the Steam Deck’s drivers or your device.

1. In the Bluetooth menu, you will find a list of paired devices.

Identify the paired device you are having issues with and tap it to bring up additional options.

Tap paired Bluetooth device

2. After tapping a paired Bluetooth device, you will get several options.

To unpair the device from your Steam Deck, you simply need to click the “Forget Device” option.

Unpair paired device

3. The Bluetooth device you unpaired can now be picked up by your Steam Deck again and paired.


Hopefully, at this point, you will now know how to enable Bluetooth on your Steam Deck and pair a device.

Bluetooth allows you to use various wireless devices such as headphones, mice, and even some game controllers.

Please comment below if you have any questions about getting Bluetooth to work on your Deck.

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