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The Ultimate Books of Pi

Projects for the Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi is a versatile device that is capable of doing an incredible amount of different tasks.

In our book we dive into almost every aspect of the Raspberry Pi, showing you how you can utilize its features to do a wide range of projects.

Some of the projects that you can do include:

  • Setting the Raspberry Pi up as an ADSB Receiver to interpret flight traffic.
  • Using the Pi as a VPN Server to run your private network.
  • Running Plex on your Raspberry Pi to stream your own media around your house.
Projects for the Raspberry Pi eBook Cover

Getting Started with the Raspberry Pi

If you are just getting started with the Raspberry Pi, then this book is a great point to start your Raspberry Pi adventures.

We dive you right into getting the Raspberry Pi configured so that it is up and running to best suit the needs of your project.

This book includes guides that show you how to install an operating system, connect to your network, fine-tune your Raspberry Pi, and so much more.

Getting Started with the Raspberry Pi eBook Cover

Raspberry Pi Circuitry Projects

One of the greatest features of the Raspberry Pi is its GPIO pins.

These GPIO pins allow you to expand the functionality of the Raspberry Pi even further and will enable you to use it as the brain of a huge range of different circuits.

Our projects walk you through every step in setting up a circuit to make it as easy as possible.

We will show you both simple and complex circuits such as:

  • Making use of a simple light sensor to detect changes in light.
  • Setting up a RC522 RFID reader that can both read and write to NFC Cards.
  • Monitoring the temperature of a room using a DS18B20 digital sensor.
Circuitry Projects for the Raspberry Pi eBook Cover

Arduino Project eBook

The Arduino is the perfect device for dealing with circuit-based projects thanks to its inbuilt analog and digital pins.

With this book, you can use the Arduino as a fun way to learn electronics.

You will learn how to make a variety of different circuits that are controlled by the Arduino, such as:

  • Making a basic traffic light circuit where the Arduino controls the timing.
  • Using an ultrasonic sensor to measure distances using sound waves.
  • Controlling an LCD to display useful information.
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Sneak Peek of What’s Inside the books

Telegram Sneak Peek
RFID RC522 Sneak Peek
Airplay Receiver Sneak Peek
Google Assistant Sneak Peek

What People Are Saying

Liked by over 100 thousand Raspberry Pi lovers, here is what people are saying about our incredible Raspberry Pi projects.

Security Camera Network Project Thumbnail

Security Camera Network Project

Thanks again for this great project. I was able to get everything running in just a short time.

– Danny

Raspberry Pi Plex Server Tutorial Thumbnail

Raspberry Pi Plex Server Tutorial

Thank you for this. I had tried two other tutorials and failed to get everything working properly… this was as simple as it gets. Great work!

– Rob

Raspberry Pi MYSQL and PHPMyAdmin Tutorial Thumbnail

Raspberry Pi MYSQL & PHPMyAdmin Tutorial

Really good tutorial, truly appreciate your efforts to give good solid information for the common man out here trying to learn!

– Bruce

Raspberry Pi Nextcloud Thumbnail

Raspberry Pi Nextcloud Server Project

Fantastic tutorial! I’ve been struggling with so many broken tutorials. Yours worked great.

– Mason

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